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Meeting Series November 2014

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IEEE volunteers and staff must use their IEEE Account to access content within this Web site. In some instances, access to certain content areas may be further limited based on IEEE volunteer roles.

Please contact the Technical Activities web team if you require assistance.

About this Beta Site

The IEEE Technical Activities Operations Beta Site is a pilot project initiated to:

  • improve in the near-term the ability to access and find information related to Technical Activities board and committee related activities,
  • help better identify volunteer content and information needs,
  • accommodate rapid and iterative content enhancement in preparation for parallel IEEE initiatives that aim to improve the overall online experience for IEEE volunteers, and
  • provide a platform within which new approaches can be easily tried and tested.

While this project provides near-term opportunities to implement and explore improvements for the delivery and quality of information for Technical Activities volunteers, the site and its features are considered an interim step towards achieving an improved IEEE-wide volunteer experience. It is anticipated that this beta site will merge with related IEEE projects in the future, and that some experimental features of this beta site may not be representative of the future online experience for IEEE volunteers.

Featured Resources: Committee Charters

Are you looking for committee charters?


Section 3 of the TAB Operations Manual contains the charters administering the scope and functions, composition, membership requirements, terms of office, financial and administrative support for TAB, Joint TAB Committees, and IEEE Standing Committees.

Featured Resources: IEEE Technology Navigator

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