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Please contact the Technical Activities web team if you require assistance.

About this Beta Site

The IEEE Technical Activities Operations beta Site is a pilot project initiated to:

  • improve in the near-term the ability to access and find information related to Technical Activities board and committee related activities,
  • help better identify volunteer content and information needs...
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Featured Technical Community Spotlight Article

wearable_125x125Images Everywhere: The Future of Wearable Cameras
I'm not in the business just to sell as many [cameras] as possible. I want to provide as much value as possible,"urges Narrative Clip creator Martin Kallstrom (interviewed by Marc Langheinrich and Nigel Davies) in the July-September 2015 issue of IEEE Pervasive Computing, the IEEE Computer Society's publication delivering the latest peer-reviewed developments in...Read More

Featured Resources

  • public_visibility
    The IEEE Public Visibility initiative is a communications initiative that seeks to increase IEEE's visibility and create a global voice for the engineering profession.
  • transmitter
    IEEE Transmitter™ Here you will find a collection of articles, videos, infographics, inspiration and more all curated by IEEE.

  • TA Photo Directory
    : Staff and volunteer contact information. Filter entries by name, title, job function, department.

  • Society Sentinel
    : Operational news and tips for TAB leadership and staff.

  • Web Management Newsletter
    : Tips for improving the user experience and management of IEEE Web sites.

  • TAB Operations Manual
    : IEEE Technical Activities Board & Committees, Charters, Societies, Technical Councils, Nominations...

  • Officers/Operations FAQs
    : Summary of Frequently Requested Information and Key Procedures

  • Technology Navigator: Brings together the vast catalog of IEEE resources and organizes it into technology topics.

  • Technical Community Spotlight
    : Current activities and trends within the IEEE Technical Communities.

  • IEEE and TA Governing Documents
    : Operations manuals, bylaws, constitutions, policies, ...

  • Volunteer Training
    : Training opportunities in the form of workshops, webinars and self-guided tutorials.